Launch Perth West Australia   •   15 February 1999
Sydney   •   Byron Bay  •    Brisbane

Kimmaree Thompson launched her change management, structured problem solving and business improvement consultancy practice in Perth Western Australia.

After a career as a Senior Executive in the West Australian Government in roles that included Deputy General Manager of the State Sports Center, including the staging of the World Swimming Championships and the Asian Games and the Masters Games; Foreign Currency and Domestic Currency Treasury Roles and  Director roles in the Prison Division of the Justice Department.

The consultancy initially started as a business SANAS Management, then was registered as a company Systemic-Resilient-Precision Pty Ltd, that company later changed it’s name back to SANAS Australia Pty Ltd … or just SANAS.


Initially Kimmaree’s clients were focused on organisation restructuring project management and incident investigations for Government Departments and she later moved into corporate organisation restructuring, incident and accident investigations and technology related change management projects.

Kimmaree Thompson has evolved her changed management approach and methodologies in alignment with the evolving evidence being revealed through positive psychology published findings.  Her change management methodology has evolved to embrace positive-change and positive-leadership tools including Appreciative Inquiry and strengths-based approach that builds resilience and a culture that embraces and flourishes during periods of change.

The main services SANAS offers are performance improvement, change management, structured problem solving, including root cause analysis, and a systems automation consultancy that includes coaching and hosted services.

SANAS clients include individual coaching clients; small to multi-site enterprises and communities.  Services include training, workshop facilitation, hosted enterprise software and business system automation services.

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