SANAS web hosting

Launch Byron Bay NSW   •   18 May 2013-30 June 2019

Web hosting

SANAS web Hosting closed 30 June 2019 – Company Relocation NSW To West Australia.

SANAS web hosting was initially born as “Fast-Webz” to meet the demand of small business clients who wanted their website to include a  Learning Management Systems (LMS) as well as the usual static information.

The specialist focus on LMS websites (usually hosted on a WordPress website) has continued as our number one hosting product.

We have expanded our specialist expertise to include specialist hosting of LMS customised for compliance to meet industry regulations and compliance with standard skills for licenses and and contractual commitments.

Our Clients

Our main clients are technical trainers and consultants and small business owners. With a group of larger enterprise size businesses clients that require induction/onboarding technical training for global contractors and staff members.

SANAS web hosting site is closed