Byron Bay Vibe

Launch Byron Bay NSW   •   14 February 2018 – 30 June 2019

Byron Bay is a unique place in Australia, it represents all that SANAS is about; innovation, fun and sustainability.

Byron Bay Vibe closed 30 June 2019 – Company relocation NSW to West Australia.

Byron Bay Vibe is all about inspiration, guiding us all to be the most authentic person we can be.

As the project progress it will expand from the initial curated training course content, eBooks and audio-books to include a market-place of Byron Bay local practitioners.

Practitioners will have the opportunity to own a personal page that will allow their clients to book appointments directly from the Byron Bay Vibe website – or a widget in their own static website.  Making it easier for the visitors to Byron Bay to have a confirmed schedule of nurturing appointments booked in before they leave home.

The hosted booking tools will help practitioners connect with new clients, particularly clients who do not live in the Byron Bay area. A lightning fast booking platform with all the functionality that individual practitioners just can’t justify investing in  – the overhead is too high for one practitioner to get a viable return on investment.

The inspiration for Byron Bay Vibe is the constant complaints from  friends of the Founder, Kimmaree Thompson, many of her Sydney based friends complained that practitioners in Byron Bay do not have a functional website – some have information up on a webpage or a Facebook but it is very difficult for visitors to book 2 or three days of appointments before they  leave Sydney, difficult to organise their time before they leave.

Byron Bay Vibe is all about helping people “chill out” when they get to Byron Bay, helping them get all their appointments confirmed before they leave.

Our Clients

Everyone who wants to cheer up, slow down and chill out – along with the trainers and practitioners who want to connect with new and established clients.

Byron Bay Vibe Website Is Now Closed